Our garments are proudly manufactured in South Africa, enabling us to empower and support fellow local small tradesmen to grow our businesses together. We strive to source most of our raw material locally. 

We strive to use 100% natural fabrics including bamboo and cotton that are not only sustainable, but ensure that your baby grows up in a greener future.

Bamboo’s thermal regulating nature will keep your little one comfortable while warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather at all times.

Cotton’s nature permits it to absorb your baby’s body moisture easily while being nonirritant to their delicate skin.

Most of our garments have a touch of super soft, unique cotton lace and are hand-dyed with a non-toxic, virtually odor-free with low volatile organic compounds dye to ensure the natural fabrics we use keep it’s good properties for your little’s delicate skin.

Dressing your baby in unique and comfortable garments is our priority.